Real-world, integrated visibility and control over your business.
Welcome to Choral, the most enlightened way to execute your company’s vision. Choral is breakthrough technology that turns disparate enterprise data into a unified picture of all the domains of your business—analyzing, organizing, simplifying and visualizing what matters most.


Empowering change and execution.

How do today’s business leaders know what will drive innovation, transformation and growth? With Choral. It’s a tool for accelerating the ability of the C-suite and operational executives to capture the opportunities of change—to objectively prioritize opportunities, run diagnostics, test hypotheses, increase the odds for successful decisions, and command every capability of the enterprise from a central viewpoint. Choral can enhance:

Financial performance

Choral enables seamless, multidimensional navigation and visualization of enterprise financials including income statements, balance sheet, revenue, expenses, use of capital, and other factors. Choral also links financial measures to their underlying drivers for cause and effect analysis.

Risk management

Choral provides transparency to and enables multi-dimensional analysis of enterprise risk factors. Some risks are industry-agnostic (cyber, IT, fraud, supplier, controls) while others are industry-specific (credit risk, market risk, operational risk, liquidity risk).

Operational excellence

Choral enables businesses to improve operational performance including core business processes, customer experience, information technology, facilities, supply chain and human capital through fact-based problem solving.

Cybersecurity and privacy

Based on the latest published NIST frameworks, Choral offers a solution to implement a risk-based approach to cybersecurity and privacy for the enterprise including threat indicators, defense capabilities and improvement programs.

Enterprise transformation

Choral’s insights enable optimization of IT investments, IT project execution, core processes, customer journeys, product and organizational restructuring, supplier relationships, sales force productivity and M&A.


Fragmented, static models for managing an enterprise no longer work. Today’s leaders need an objective, data-driven tool of learning in order to act with speed and certainty.


Visualize. Optimize. Futurize.

Step into the knowledge grid. Choral creates a common mental model of an enterprise, turning previously disjointed data into patterns and causal relationships, and then visualize the entire operating environment in a simple, elegant interface from which informed decisions can be made—quickly and efficiently.


Choral simplifies the complex.

The Choral knowledge grid augments leaders’ analysis and prioritization by disaggregating macro-level concepts into micro-concepts—separating what’s most important from the least, across the domains and factors common to every business:


Choral is a tool of curiosity and interconnectivity, with the power to reveal previously hidden structures and identify crucial interrelationships in enterprise performance. It was designed to empower change and execution for a new generation of business leaders and their teams who need to understand all dimensions of their enterprise—and then act decisively in complex, fast-changing environments.


The Choral leadership team.

Jean-Michel Ares

Founder and CEO

Prior to founding Choral Systems, Jean-Michel was Chief Technology and Operations Officer at BMO Financial Group where he held enterprise accountability for the diverse businesses within T&O: Technology Development & Enterprise Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Data & Analytics, Product Operations, Corporate Real-Estate and Strategic Sourcing.

Dick Amin

Founder and CTO

Before co-founding the Choral Systems venture, Dick designed, built and implemented IT solutions for many organizations over the last 30 years. In the past 10 years, Dick worked with The Feld Group Institute and its associates as a consultant to large organizations such as BMO Financial Group, FedEx, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, and Macy’s, for whom he developed, built, and implemented strategic IT architectures.

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Choral is an early-stage company, with a strategic focus on advancing our technology and solutions with a small number of clients. If you’d like to learn more or stay in touch with us for a future collaboration, let’s talk.